Speciality Coffee Association (SCA)


Coffee is a huge industry, offering many and varied career opportunities. The Coffee Skills Program allows people to choose the education path that most suits their needs. Six different modules exist in different disciplines, each with three levels of qualification, Foundation, Intermediate, and Professional (apart from Introduction to Coffee which is just one level).

For every module you can gain points for each level of qualification taken, and when you have achieved 100 points you will be awarded your overall diploma. It’s your choice on the modules you take to get you 100 points.

學額         :4人開班 - 6人額滿(小班教授)


上課地點 : 九龍灣常悅道20號環球工商大廈10樓09室(九龍灣港鐵站A出口)



查詢電話 :(+852)2337 5300