Business Model

We have professional skills qualifications of City & Guilds Barista and Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) of Trainer/Assessor. We work with education providers, coffee companies and government-supported organizations across the region.

We support those people in progress into a job, on the job, and onto the next job in the coffee industry.

Business Services

CityPro trains and equips students in coffee industry, providing services to coffee suppliers, training providers, café employers, and trainees across a variety of sectors to meet the needs of today’s workplace. Our qualifications are valued by employers and delivered through our strategic partners across the world to help individuals develop their talents and abilities for future career progression.

We also provide Consultancy & Advisory service for both start up and already established roastery, coffee/café bar businesses.


CityPro offers expertise in equipment selection, coffee supplier selection, beverage guides, staff skill training. Based on our past experience and existing consultation services of startup projects for individuals and corporates.

For the projects are totally new, setting up your coffee shop or food establishment with coffee offer, even have already existing business and looking for improve quality of your coffee.

Staff Training

The leading provider of custom-designed training programs for corporations.

CityPro offers specific training program used to make sure staff gain and develop the skills in coffee they need to carry out their jobs effectively. We’ve provided training for a number of notable companies, including professional operators in restaurants, chain stores and hotel groups that to develop a deeper understanding of consumer consumption patterns and the science behind the art of coffee.

We have a selection of training programs and will work with you to deliver custom support tailored to your unique business.

For Professional Courses Training

CityPro offers a wide range of professional courses including internationally-recognized City & Guilds International Barista Awards and Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) courses from Certificate, Foundation through to a Professional level including five main modules. They are Green bean, Sensory skills, Barista skills, Roasting and Grinding & Brewing techniques.


The City & Guilds is a global leader in skills development, providing- services to training providers, employers, and trainees across a variety of sectors to meet the needs of today’s workplace. City & Guilds offers more than 500 qualifications over the whole range of industry sectors through 8500 colleges and training providers in 81 countries worldwide.

The course offers comprehensive training and education in barista skills that range from the history of the coffee bean to customer service. The qualification you will receive is accredited by both City & Guilds.


The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) is the world leading professional organisation promoting excellence in quality coffee, drawing together professionals from all aspects of the coffee industry.

Six different modules exist in different disciplines, each with three levels of qualification, Foundation, Intermediate & Professional (apart form the Introduction to Coffee which is just one level).

For every module, you can gain points for each level of qualification taken, and when you have achieved 100 points you will be awarded your coffee diploma. It is your choice on the modules you take to get you to 100 points.


One of the distinctive features of our work was a collaboration with some non-profit organizations and government-supported facilities in Hong Kong to provide “Employees Retraining courses and services. Those include “Skills Upgrading Scheme Plus” courses with skills enhancement training for employees.

Placements are an integral part of our retraining courses, students will gain confidence and enhance their employability skills. So, they can put their academic learning into practice, as a roaster or a barista.


CityPro is a Hong Kong based Specialty Coffee Roaster . We deliver 100% top-grade Arabica coffee freshly roasted from our factory workshop. All products are offered on a roast-to-order basis to uphold quality excellency, delivering genuine freshness to your senses. We are also provided website on-line order. Freshness forms the foundation of a delicious cup of coffee.


CityPro is one of the company that specialize in coffee and beverages industrial. We distribute coffee machine from Italy, local roasted espresso coffee and others cafe necessary items. We supply to the food service industries such as Café, restaurant and catering company. We are expertise on F&B industrial and expert on beverages.