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QUEST M3 Coffee Roaster
QUEST M3 Coffee Roaster


*Dimension: 24W x 33H x 36D cm
*Net Weight: 10kg
*Batch Capacity: 150g ~ 300g (approx.8oz)
*Roasting Time: 14 to 20 minutes
*Thermometer: 0 ~ 300 degrees Centigrade stainless traditional meter
*Filter: stainless net cup (easy to clean)
*Bean Tray: Stainless steel
*Voltage: 220 Volts
*Drum: 304 stainless steel drum with 3 sets of leaf, 6 kickstands and the center
*axes. (Solid Drum)
*Heating source: Electrical heater
*Drum motor: Industrial metal 6W gear down motor
*Heat wind motor: Industrial metal fan
*Power control: Traditional frequency transistor circuit (not IC) instrument level VR
*Hot wind control: Traditional frequency transistor circuit (not IC) instrument level VR
*Packing: 44*28*35cm/13 kg

*Sampler x 1
*bean Thermometer x 1
*Stainless bean container x 1
*150gram measure cup x 1
*Clean brush x 1
*Stirring bamboo x 1
*Power line x 1

HKD 12,600

Fracino Roastilino Coffee Roaster
Francino Roastilino Coffee Roaster

Maximum Roast: 200 grams

Dimension (mm): 605H x 285W x 400D (mm)

Standard Element Rating: 2.5 KW

Power Supply: 13 amp moulded plug supplied

Key Features

*Top quality mirror finished stainless steel that shines like polished chrome.

*Manufactured with the finest materials, latest machining methods and state-of-the-art electronic and safety components.

*Roasting process draws on fluid bed technology.

*Attractive coffee bean shaped tooling on front panel and top vents.

*Coffee bean shaped touch pad with four programmable roast times of up to 10 minutes at a temperature of 250-260c.

*Automatic cool down cycle and cosmetic fan option to enable beans to 'dance' without being roasted.

*Special L.E.D display for roast times countdown.

*Jug manufactured from borosilicate glass.

*Unique patented jug clamping mechanism and automatic micro switch 'cutout' safety feature.

*Side opening husk drawer.

HKD 25,800

Coffee Gas Roaster
Coffee Gas Roaster

*Max baking Capacity: 1000g
*Every feed: 300 - 1000g
*Baking time: 15 - 22 minutes
*Host Parameters: 220V 50HZ/60HZ
*Fan parameters: 50Wx2
*Gas consumption: 0.2kg/h
*Dimension: 1200x800x1200
*Weight: 80KG

1. Special stainless steel drum, consistent with national food hygiene and safety, heat evenly, fast heating and energy saving;
2. Baking temperature control by a PID, temperature constant and accurate;
3. Accurate temperature sensing, dual digital sensor shows at a glance; Digital timer, ringing alarm reminder, you can set the light, medium, heavy roasting time;
4. Large fans, cooling rapidly (1-3minutes), continuous baking.
5. Equipped with a visual window, coffee color changes can be observed; equiped with a large stainless steel handle Sampler
6. European CIP control panel, easy to understand operation.
7. Electric heating and gas heating options to meet the needs of different users.

HKD 33,200